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Biodynamic osteopathy for children and adults

Biodynamic osteopathy

From a biodynamic perspective, we as humans are a whole which is much more than the total sum of it's parts. Rather than specializing and separating body into parts, a biodynamic osteopath tries to understand and treat the whole. In treatment this means that instead of single symptoms, the person needs to be treated as a whole. This whole is comprised of body, mind, emotions and perhaps even spirit. These are all interacting with each other and for example our emotional well-being affects profoundly how our body feels. When one relaxes, also the others correspond. For example when during the treatment the body is able to relax, also our mind relaxes and we feel emotionally more balanced.

Children's osteopathy

Osteopathy is well suited for children due to its gentle approach. Children may be nervous before the first meeting but after that they are often happy to return – the treatment was not scary and there were no unpleasant examination or treatment procedures. Treating children is relatively quick. Often already a few visits bring good results. Children's visits are planned to be stress and rush free appointments. The treatment proceeds with the pace of the child. We always book time for getting to know each other, to play, change diapers, breast feeding etc.

We speak English

About me

As a person I am sensitive and strive for presence and connecting on a deeper level. My strengths include breath, trauma and emotional work. I am specialised in biodynamic osteopathy for children and adults. Biodynamic osteopathy is a gentle yet effective treatment modality where even individual symptoms are being looked at through the whole. When the whole organism is functioning well, most individual problems dissipate. To me, treatment is at it's best when there is release in all levels of body, mind and emotions. In my treatments I do not use joint manipulation and do not expect you to take any clothes off.

Osteopathic treatment

Adults (60 min.)

Osteopathic examination and treatment. Comprehensive interview for first visit


Children under 18. (45-60 min.)

Osteopathic examination and treatment. Comprehensive interview for first visit


Guided breath & body awareness work, bodily trauma release and walking analysis

Based on findings and personal wishes according to scheduled time.


Espoo Tapiola

Harjuviita 12, Tapiola 02110, Espoo

About. 400m. from Keilaniemi metro station

Helsinki Kamppi (on Thursdays)

Urho Kekkosen katu 8 C 33, 00100 Helsinki. 

Next to Kamppi shopping mall and Pür store.

Please cancel your booking ahead of time. Cancellations within 24 hours are being billed at 50%.

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